Victoria Rosas is a freelance illustrator and photographer based in Tijuana, Mexico. Her passion for art has been present and continuously growing since childhood, expressed with different tools and techniques as she experimented with many mediums through the years, until she found she was able to translate the ideas from her mind and bring them to live in a more efficient way using adobe illustrator as her main tool.

Her style is mainly influenced by music and people-watching. Strong and colorful personalities spark ideas and bring to mind elements that work as seeds for new illustrations and photographs.

The illustrations she creates for clients are always made with the client's needs in mind, without leaving behind her artistic vision. Her personal pieces are inspired by what people will feel when looking at the colors and shapes, by what memories and sensations will come to mind.

Her work tends to be bold and colorful, she likes mixing textures and realistic elements with basic lines. When it comes to portraits, her objective is always making her model's personality shine. Her work is always sketched by hand and then done dot by dot, line by line on illustrator.